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Founded by British husband and wife, Harry & Katie Hunt, Bodegas Tierra Hermosa is the first négociant-style producer of its kind in Andalucía, collaborating with local grape growers, small independent or cooperative wineries and provincial oenologists, to create a range of wines from across the territory, all under the Tierra Hermosa brand.

Harry previously had a 16-year career in PR & marketing in London, before leaving the industry to fulfil a long-held ambition to move into winemaking. After studying full-time for a degree in Viticulture & Oenology at the University of Brighton’s Plumpton College in the UK, Harry carried out vintages in Bordeaux, in the Northern and Southern Rhône valleys in France, and in Spain, always with the goal of eventually producing wine in Andalucía.

Bodegas Tierra Hermosa aims to create wines which deliver a modern interpretation of traditional Andalucían wine styles. We want to harness the time-honoured winemaking customs from each of the provinces within Andalucía, and add our own contemporary Tierra Hermosa twist, to create an exciting, internationally accessible range of wines. The Tierra Hermosa range will take the consumer on a sensory journey through the myriad of wine styles from the incredibly diverse landscapes across Andalucía.

Our Extended Family

Isabel Rodríguez

Thank goodness for Isabel! She is always there to lend a hand when nasty old bureaucracy or mind-boggling admin threaten to overwhelm us, always unfailingly positive and enthusiastic. Having spent a good deal of her career in the administrative and marketing side of the Spanish wine industry, she is thoroughly prepared for any eventuality. I don’t know what we would do without her.

Isabel is a busy mother of twins and her family originally hail from Jaén in North-East Andalucía. She is completely fanatical about flamenco - if there is a feria taking place, you can bet that Isabel will be there, looking amazing in her traje de flamenca!

Alberto Villarraso Zafra

Alberto is our oenologist partner for the Neblerío and Veinte Grados wines. A naturally gifted winemaker, Alberto studied for a Bachelor of Oenology at the University of Cordoba. After carrying out a number of vintages in D.O. Rueda and D.O. Málaga, and working with a large co-operative in D.O. La Mancha, Alberto decided to broaden his horizons and gain knowledge of different vinification techniques by travelling and working in New Zealand. Fortunately for us, he returned to Andalucía!

Rosa María Pascual

Rosa is our oenologist partner for the Tres Pueblos white wine. After graduating from the University of Granada, Rosa gained an International Degree in Oenology from the University of La Rioja in Logroño. After remaining in D.O.Ca Rioja for a period, where she worked within a renowned Oenological Laboratory and became the Assistant Winemaker at an established bodega, Rosa returned to her native Almería. A winemaker of great ability, Rosa is passionate about developing and promoting the wines of Almería.

Bodegas Tierra Hermosa is very much a collaborative project and our extended family includes many others - from cellar hands to grape pickers - each of whom play a vital role in the creation of our wines. We count ourselves lucky to be able to work with such a fabulous team who share and understand our vision and passion for the wines of Andalucía. And what’s more, they happen to be cheerful and thoroughly decent compañeros!


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