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red wines


Bodegas Tierra Hermosa aims is to create contemporary wines of distinctive individuality and regionality. All our wines should speak of the unique terroir from which they were born and each wine should have its very own story to tell.

Our red wines from the snowy mountains of Granada, ‘Neblerío’ and ‘Veinte Grados’, are not necessarily what one would expect from southern Spain. This area boasts the highest vineyards in mainland Europe at up to 1500m. The altitude results in high day time temperatures and very low night time temperatures – we call it “nature’s fridge” - allowing us to create elegant and contemporary wines of real freshness, but with complex, fruit-led characteristics.

Our white wine is from the high-altitude sierras of Almería, the easternmost province of Andalucía and a region which boasts the only designated desert in Europe. It is a highly distinctive wine, fresh yet packed full of luscious flavours.